Bad blogger. An update.

I know, I know… it’s hard to call yourself a blogger when you so rarely blog.

But really – I’ve been busy – promise!  Not just with wedding stuff, but life as well.  K was an organizer of Startup Weekend Delaware, which made the whole fam busy, busy, busy.  Also, I took by orange belt test in karate, I sold my motorcycle (still looking for a new, bigger, badder one), we went to a 3 yr old bday party, and we started more intensely working on our first app.  Yes, an app by K and me… Gittie Labs is our brain child with our couple good friends.  That’s not all we did, though that IS a lot, now that I think about it.


Enough about me… and onto the wedding stuff.  My most embarrassing moment was realizing I misspelled Mr. President’s name (Barak instead of Barack) on his family’s wedding invitation.  I probably shouldn’t drink and do important spelling wedding stuff at 11pm, huh.  Woops – sorry Mr. & Mrs. Barack Obama & Family!  I’ll get your invite in the mail soon enough for you to not come anyway.


Since my last post we’ve…

Had engagement pictures taken
Ordered K’s suit
Talked to church organist
Bought postage for invites
Made garter
Mailed invitations
Payed band deposit
Found somewhere to donate flowers
Designed thank-you cards
Made veil
Designed place cards
Reserved hotel rooms
Made shoe stickers
Compiled day-of emergency kit
Booked an accompanist for ceremony
Talked song list with the band
Decidde on ceremony music

All that, and yet we still have…


Organize church rental availability like candelabras
Gather $$ from bridesmaids (since I ordered their dresses)
Schedule final dress fitting
Order photo book for guest book (after we get our pics back)
Book dinners on honeymoon (did research already)
Order ceremony sheet music if needed
Find bracelet for bride
Buy baskets for programs
Buy baskets for kids’ books


Attend final dress fitting
Pick up bridesmaids’ dresses
Help find a MoB dress
Mail bridesmaids’ dresses to sister & future sister-in-law
Organize bridal party outfits for getting ready
Design table numbers
Make thank-you cards
Make table numbers
Start making place cards
Find family pictures to showcase if any
Talk to officiants about ceremony


Bachelor party
Pick final floral design
Make tattoo appointment
Double check groomsmen’s outfits
Make a sign for the bar
Gather Bibles for ring bearers
Attend hair & makeup trials
Make music play-list for pre-wedding
Bridal Shower
Bachelorette party
Write thank-yous for bridal shower
Send thank-yous for bridal shower
Make place cards
Obtain marriage license
Decide on tips for vendors
Design thank you/tips for vendors
Make a sign for the guest book
Finalize day-of timeline
Design programs
Make programs
Design menu cards
Make menu cards
Schedule rehearsal dinner tasting
Decide on rehearsal dinner food
Compile picture list for photographer
Decide on rehearsal dinner decor & put it all together
Confirm who’s taking us to and from the church
Wrap gifts for bridal party


Pick up my gorgeous dress
Drop all reception items off
Drop all church items off
Steam & deliver tablecloths to reception venue
Assemble bathroom supplies
Print & distribute day-of timeline
Get married
Have an amazing honeymoon
Get forever marriage tattoos… yeah, we’re doing that.

It’s going to be here before we know it.  And boy, we’re excited.

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  • victoria

    Cant wait to see the wedding! Great progress.

    • gracemfrank

      Thanks! I really have to keep doing updates… They help me stay organized!