A Perfect Night for a Fire

Last night, Keith and I enjoyed the evening drinking a bottle of wine, snacking, and talking about life around the our backyard fire.  How beautiful a day it was, sunny with a high of 60 degrees, falling to an evening with a slight breeze perfect for the fire pit.

Our discussion quickly turned to work, with my new job and all.  It dawned on me that in some respect, work is a means to an end – a way to get the money to do all the stuff you actually want to do.  And yet, to Keith and many others, it’s also a life goal.  A pursuit of happiness.

A pursuit of happiness, but at what cost?  All too often, men and women alike, pursue careers that leave those who love them in the dust.

I think this article from Relevant really hits the nail on the head, even though it’s more about not liking your job than working too much…

“…your dream job may cause you to give your best years and best effort to your work, not to your husband, wife, children, friends or neighbors. So, before you throw your all into the “pursuit of happiness,” ask yourself, “Will this career path facilitate the happiness of people other than me?” If it will, spectacular. If it will not, do some pondering.”

As I start to enjoy my new job, I have to think about these things.  I want my family.  I want to spend time with my family, and I want to cultivate a happy marriage.  My work is not as important to me than raising and knowing beautiful-on-the-inside children.  My work is not as important to me than doing all I can for Christ and the Church.  My work is not as important to me than taking good care of my husband and my marriage.


Do you struggle with putting work and joy in your career in front of those you love and who love you?

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